Kotar Consulting's mission is to create a bridge between the Western Software/IT job market in US and EU, whose hunger for talent has never been greater, and engineers from South-East Asia who are able to provide high quality services, but have no easy way to reach out to potential customers or are limited by legal restrictions.

Our motto is "triple win": customers from EU or US will pay a bit less than they would normally do when dealing with outsourcing companies from their respective countries, our engineers will be paid a bit more than they would get in local companies and finally Kotar Consulting will have its share as well that will allow its further development.

Our senior staff includes people who worked with the most famous Silicon Valley companies and have several years of experience in developing complex, large scale and reliable software.
The possibility of offering relatively high salaries to our employees also allows us to hire the most talented people from the region.
Combination of these 2 factors ensures high quality of deliverables and high level of customer satisfaction.